Penn South Pet Vaccinations

Like any good owner, you want to keep your pets happy and healthy. We at Penn South Pet Clinic want to help you with that, and keeping your pets current on vaccinations is just one of the ways we work towards keeping your pets safe.

Why Vaccinate?

Multiple studies have shown that both animals and humans benefit from routine vaccinations, keeping potential illness and disease away. As your pet’s health is our #1 goal, we at Penn South Pet Clinic recommend annual vaccinations in order to maintain your fur family’s immunity.

How Do They Work?

Vaccines deliver minute amounts of controlled doses of viruses, allowing the pet’s immune system to create the appropriate defense against pathogens they might encounter in their day-to-day lives. Vaccines give your pet a level of safety they would otherwise not have.

How Often Should I Vaccinate?

At Penn South Pet Clinic, we typically begin our vaccination protocol when a puppy or kitten is 8 weeks of age, and we booster that vaccine at 12 weeks, and once again at 16 weeks. Adult dogs and cats are recommended to be vaccinated yearly, which comes with a physical examination as well. If a dog will be boarded in a kennel facility, taken to a groomer, or enjoys the dog park, we also recommend the Bordetella vaccine (or “kennel cough” vaccine) every 6 months.

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